Monday, October 27, 2008

Steppin Up

The weekend started with a tour of new newly renovated high school. They've put millions--yes, millions into the additions. This is our group standing by the school logo. And a pic of the new tower.
The new tower on the south side of the high school."Dressing Right" to space ourselves for our infamous kick routines...(is that a hoot? Not one of us could kick our legs higher than our knees)

They have an INDOOR football field now for the band and athletic groups to practice on. Not to mention a DANCE STUDIO for the drill team, cheerleaders and dance classes. A new basketball facility, weight rooms, new tennis courts, DRIVING RANGE, and they are building a new Performing Arts center named after our precious drama teacher.

It was so much fun to see how things have changed in THIRTY YEARS. Friday night we were honored at the football game before kickoff. Even after thirty years, I had butterflies in my tummy! We were all thrilled that we didn't have to kick our legs up to our cowgirl hats! The high school boy who had my camera thought the camera belonged to my high school friend, Michelle. So....I have NO pics of me, but tons of Michelle and Pat.

Those cute little Highsteppers in their SEQUINS. Hello...we didn't have sequins or cute little cowgirl boots. But we had white GO GO boots, baby...That's right. It was 1978 and Disco ruled.

Saturday night was hilarious. We had REAL MEXICAN FOOD. thank you very much. And then a style show. Honest to Pete...we were screaming our heads off. Two girls had their old Friday uniforms. Remember those? The cheap uniforms you could wear to school and keep FOREVER?

Oh yeah...flash gloves ruled...

And who could forget the wool junior high cheerleader jacket? Orange and black!!! No wonder the other schools made fun of us by throwing pumpkins.

Notice the DICKEY? It was the only part of my uniform my mother saved. Looks good with pink and black, don't you think?

The favorite part of my weekend was returning to the church where I grew up. I had not been there since my wedding 25 years ago because the church moved north as the town grew. Another church is there now. They were more than happy to give me a tour. Very few things had changed. For instance: the shuffleboard tiles on fellowship hall floor.

The sanctuary looks just like it did when I worshipped there as a little girl. I can still smell the Old English lemon conditioner on the pews.

I drove around town and took pics of the houses we lived in. One woman let me come in and look around. It's funny how small everything appeared--I remember it all as much larger.

So...there's the weekend recap. I have about one hundred pictures to sort. Gotta love digital photography...

So, now back to the real world. There are AT LEAST ten loads of laundry for today--not to mention an empty refrigerator.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Thirty Years, Huh???

Very quickly...I'm packing my bags here, girls.

I'm leaving tomorrow for a 30 (yes, thirty) year reunion of my high school drill team. THE TEXAS HIGHSTEPPERS. I am so STINKIN' EXCITED! I haven't been to my hometown in 10 years. I haven't seen any of these gals since my wedding (24 yrs, 10 mnths.) I have so much planned for the next four days.

I will have TONS of pics when I return on Sunday afternoon.

I feel 18.

Boy, am I glad my roots are done...

Just got a manicure, too.

Better check my eyebrows and search for unwanted facial hair.

Man, I gotta go...


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Birthday Bash

Is this not the most beautiful cake you've ever seen? Hubs did a great job this year. And, yes, as you can see from the number I turned 48 on Monday. If I could figure out how to move the pictures around I'd put cute captions under everything. But nooooooooooo I am still illiterate in blogland.
Bill and Joe came over after Joe got off work. And Brittany (Bill's friend) was here too. (She's the gorgeous brunette in the picture) Being the mother of sons I knew when the big pink sack with pink tissue paper came in the door who wrapped my present...Pink's never been a big color at our house. Denim and beef are the two life sustaining forces in this place!
I'm headed to the salon to get my gray roots blasted back to blonde. I'm so glad someone invented bleach. Lord, where would I be without it???
May Jesus pour out his blessings on you and your family today!

Saturday, October 11, 2008


Ahhhhhhhh...the Texas-OU game is on! And I am sitting here watching it alone. Normally, Hubs and I spend Saturdays together watching SEC football. But he is on the golf course and Joe is at work.

Being a native TEXAN I long for the state fair, Fletcher's Corny dogs and anything else deep fried that is served. I read this morning where they are actually serving deep fried bacon. We used to go the state fair and the game (if we could get tickets) . I have great childhood memories of this. The zipper, tilt-a-whirl, ferris wheel, and, of course the petting zoos. Big Tex absolutely blew me away as a little girl! They have added some new

Since Hubs is a native Arkansan, he HATES all things TEXAS. My sons get a kick out of listening to us when I list all the things I love about TEXAS and Hubs lists all the things he dislikes about it. What can I say? Twelve years of TEXAS history will do that to you. (just kidding, I think it's more like four)

Gotta run. Halftime is over and OU has the ball. Gotta get my Hook 'EM ready...

Plus, my HOGS are playing AUBURN pretty soon but it's on the radio. Besides, we'll probably get stomped again...

May Sam Houston watch over y'all.


ps DERN IT--OU just scored. My blood pressure just took a hike. It's 28-20

Monday, October 6, 2008


Tonight I should be with Hubs in Kansas City eating a big hunkin' slab of cow at the Mad Ox. But guess what? I'm sittin' here in my ratty pjs reading everyone's blogs. And it stinks. Yes, it stinks. I would rather be in the cute little outfit I just bought from Belks hanging on to my man's arm waiting to order cheesecake and coffee. It was a birthday surprise (sort of) even though my birthday isn't until next week.

Why am I not there you ask? Because my stinkin' arthritis flared up Saturday and I was in the bed for two days. (that rates at least 3 poor babies, don't you think?) He has a meeting tomorrow and the plan was for Bill to come over (Mr. Collegeman) and stay here with his brother. But nooooooooo my body didn't cooperate so here I am eating my second ice cream sandwich. (they're minis...don't worry...I am not pigging out here)

There was a very bright spot this weekend, though. One of my former college SS girls (who is in graduate school somewhere else) came in town for the ball game (if you can call the whoopin' we took a ball game) and stayed with us. I LOVE it when my college girls come back to see us. It's so neat to see them grow in the Lord and get plugged into new churches wherever they land after college. Plus...girls smell nice. Very nice.

Which explains three men and a mom case you ever wondered.

It's 8:20 and I'm going to bed. Good night. Sleep tight.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Does this look like a killer to you?

I just returned from taking young Oswald (aka Ozzie, Oz, Ozman, Pooch, Poochetta) to get his yearly vaccinations. I was SHOCKED when he tried to take the vet's hand off at the wrist. We're talking show your teeth, growl, and emit things from (how can I say this in a ladylike fashion?) the back end. I felt like a young mother in the pediatrician's office with an unreasonable three year old.

This dog has never, ever done anything other than lick us to death, lie on the sofa, and beg for dog biscuits. I was so surprised that I didn't know what to say. So, I said "you know, we think he was abused as a puppy before we adopted him at the shelter." Dr. Vet looked at me and nodded like I was crazy. It's true. Oz still won't drink water from a bowl. He stares at it like it's a snake ready to strike. His food bowl has to be completely full before he'll eat from it. What can I say? He's not the brightest bulb in the box, but we love him.

I asked Dr. Vet to cut his toenails since I was there and Dr. Vet is, after all, a PROFESSIONAL-- he had to manhandle him while the sweet little technician cut his nails. Ozman continued to growl and emit---I'm still in shock. WHO KNEW? that primal instinct is always lurking under the surface.

Kind of like me in my MENOPAUSAL STATE.

Oh well, a hot flash is comin' on. Gotta run.


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