Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Germy Dreams

My 16 year old, Joe, came down with a lovely stomach virus that is reeking all kinds of havoc on our school. I filled in for the high school secretary yesterday. She took her daughter back to Union. (Union was the Christian college in Tennessee that was hit by the tornado last week). Needless to say, I spent the day talking to parents of sick children. Now...I am one of those. I pray that I don't get it. Especially since I was swimming in germs yesterday! Not to mention the three 16 year old boys that spent the night over here on Sunday night. Come to think of it, I've been swimming in germs for three days now. YUK

Maybe that's the reason I had such a wacky dream last night.

I am speaking at a ladies retreat in March. I had spoken to their coordinator yesterday on the phone and we finalized all the details.

When my head hit my germ-free pillow last night, I was thinking about that weekend and praying about what the Lord wanted me to say. Next thing I knew, I was standing in front of a group of women wearing a pair of CUTOFFS and a WESTERN SHIRT WITH NO SLEEVES. I think I looked like that cable guy on the country music channel. If my attire wasn't bad enough, I realized that I had brought a bag of HALLOWEEN CANDY and that was it! No bible, no outline, no props, nothing! I kept throwing candy at the crowd hoping it would last for an hour.

Lucky for me, Hubs has a trial this week and was up at nightmarish dream was put to rest early. (Let me just say that we never, ever get up earlier than 6:45 unless it is for something work or church related. Or of course, for a sick son)

Hopefully, I'll follow through with a real plan and not embarrass myself next month. LOL


Monday, February 18, 2008

Sign up for a Blog Makeover

Judi is giving away a blog makeover. Just go to her blog and sign in. Hey...maybe you'll win.


Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Where are my EYEBROWS?

I had the most incredible day. Actually, it was days ago, but I just recovered enough to write about it.

There is nothing, I repeat, NOTHING like getting your hair done. Am I right or what? And for those of us who check the BLONDE box on all forms that ask a woman her hair color, there is nothing like getting your ROOTS COLORED. Right?

You blondes know I am.

So...I'm sitting in the salon chair yakking it up with my hair guy (who's a wonderful Christian) about all things hair related. Lo and behold, I look in the mirror (with my hair lathered in blonde) and notice how DARK my eyebrows are. Now, I've always known that one can tell the true color of another's hair by inspecting the eyebrow color. "Patrick," I ask, "can you dye my eyebrows to match my hair?" He assures me he can provide this service. An hour later I walk out of the salon looking a little younger (perhaps) and a whole lot blonder.

None of my men (hubs and sons) notice that my eyebrows now match my hair color.

How rude.

I don't think much about it until the next morning...

...when I am drying my hair and realize THAT I CAN'T SEE MY EYEBROWS BECAUSE THEY ARE SO BLONDE. Holy Cow Batman. I'm standing in the mirror staring at myself and thinking that I am on the slippery slope to blue hair. You know? Those little old ladies that you sit behind in church with BLUE hair? Help me, Lord!

If that was not bad enough, as I stood in the bathroom staring at my blonder self, the phone rang. I answered it. It was a woman who was calling to confirm that I would be available to speak at their women's retreat this year. (note: I still can't believe anyone in their right mind would call me for this, but what can I say? God does work in mysterious ways) We exchanged pleasantries and when she asked what I was doing and could I talk...well, I couldn't lie. I told her I was looking for my eyebrows.

She must have the gift of mercy.

I'm still on the program.

Blessings from the bleached blonde Baptist (my mother-in-law's nickname for me),

p.s. by the way, you may see this story in a magazine soon, or you may not... depends on how blonde I am that day.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

How to Put an End to Your Junk Mail!

Okay, I picked up the best book at Sam's yesterday. I am an organizing junkie...I admit is one genetic link I have with my mom that is unmistakably ours.

For any woman who wants more time with her kids, hubs, hobbies and less time cleaning and trying to find things...this is for you!

Smart Organizing by Sandra Felton. It's phenomenal. And it was only 8.00 at Sam's. (thank you Lord for Sam Walton)

I could go on and on but take note of this one thing: To remove your name from junk mail lists, simply write a note to that affect and mail it to: Preference Service, Direct Marketing Association, PO Box 9008, Farmingdale, NY 11735-9008. To remove your name from credit card solicitations, call 888-5OPT-OUT.

Hogs and Kisses,


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Short but Sweet

Hey there!

Today my post will be short but sweet as I am swamped with laundry and housework.

I had the sweetest moment yesterday and I just know that some of you gals will appreciate it.

Yesterday, I went to the little church down to road to cast my vote. It was pouring rain and the temperature was dropping quickly. I hurried into the gymnasium to find a HUGE number of folks standing in line to cast their vote. I hate to admit it, but I actually considered turning around and going back home before the rain turned to snow.

But....because I am so proud of my voting record (haven't missed one time in about 15 years) I decided to stand in line with the other wet republicans and democrats. After I showed my drivers license and recited my address from memory, I started to sign my name. As I plopped my hand on the printout I noticed something familiar: MY SON'S SIGNATURE!

I know I gasped because the senior citizen working the table asked me if I was okay. I replied that yes, indeed, I was okay but look! that my 19 year old son's signature!!! Today was his first time to vote!

What a mom moment.

One day I'm teaching him that the brake is his best buddy--and the next I get to sign above him at the polling booth. Life is good. Thank you Jesus!

Until tomorrow,

Uplifting stories from a Mom's heart