Saturday, December 27, 2008

I Can't Think of a Decent Title

Good morning, friends. I can't believe it is December 27th already. We're in between the excitement of Christmas and knowing that Christmas clean-up is imminent. It's raining cats and dogs here and the temperature is suppose to drop this afternoon. In other words--I'm stuck inside with the post Christmas blues and can't even think of a title for this post. Random enough for you?

Oh well. Christmas was wonderful. It was just the four of us--kind of laid back, quiet and uneventful. But we like it that way. The boys were in their own beds (where they belong) and all was right with the world. I still get a kick out of filling their stockings with totally useless stuff, enough candy to keep a dentist in business for years, and one or two "man-gadgets."
We are at such a great stage in life right now. Santa isn't real, but he still leaves presents under the tree. We have to wake the guys up--unlike earlier years when we were up at 5:00 am! It's the best of both worlds, really. Even Ozzie gets into the Christmas spirit. He was in the middle of the wrapping paper and his tail swiped everyone in the face countless times. He's like a toddler on steroids at Christmas.
Every year on Christmas Eve, I give my three men new pajama bottoms. This year it's chili peppers. Last year it was Razorbacks. When the boys were small, I made matching pjs. I still have them. Hopefully, their little ones will wear them one day. (smile)

Hubs bought the Christmas mugs that match my Christmas china. I was sipping java in style!

After a meal of fried chicken, purple hull peas, green beans, mash potatoes and gravy, we played games. They guys played their new video games and Hubs and I played my favorite: YAHTZEE! The boys won't play with me anymore because I am so competitive--can you believe that? Me, competitive? Let me just say that I got TWO YAHTZEES in the first game. Yes, two...

I hope you all have a wonderful vacation and a Happy New Year. Until next time...


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy 25th Anniversary to Us

Twenty-five years ago today, I said "I Do" to my sweet husband. If I can figure out how to scan old photos and post them, I shall. If I can't, I won't...


Saturday, December 13, 2008

I'm Such a Good Wife, Really

It's Saturday night at 8:08 and I have just agreed to watch the 1958 Colts-Giant game on ESPN.
Yes, the 1958 black and white game.
What's that, hubs?
Oh, excuse me. It seems someone has painstakingly added color.
Well...isn't that special?
Oh, kickoff is about to happen--50 years ago.

See you after the game in 2008,


Saturday, December 6, 2008

A Few of My Favorite Things

My favorite Santa I painted years ago--preBIFOCAL days.
In honor of my favorite December 17 wedding anniversary.

Santa busy at work cutting trees.

Busy elves hanging out by my favorite clock. When I was growing up Mom always put these two elves by the clock on our mantel. I think they are Snap, Crackle and/or Pop.

My favorite Husband and my favorite dog.

My favorite handmade stockings which resulted in BIFOCALS. Yes, I cross-stitched these suckers by hand. Did I mention that I made these BY HAND?

My favorite Starbucks--right on the corner.

My favorite angel and my cute junior.

Look who decorated the tree this year! Oh how quickly my favorite sons have grown.
Now it's off to catch some zzzzzzzzz's in my favorite bed.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What's Wrong with this Picture?

What can I say? Ozzie thinks he's the alpha human...


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