Monday, September 22, 2008

Has it been 25 years?

This is the new fountain that was built long after I was there.

The front of the house where we use to wait for the bus to shuttle us up the hill to class.

A friend from Oklahoma who I had not seen in 25 years.

Valerie, Misty and me. We were in the same pledge class.
Yesterday afternoon I relived my college years. My college sorority won the national award for best chapter. This is a HUGE. The Arkansas chapter has won it two years in a row. The only other time in 99 years that they won the award was in the forties. Let me just say that we DID NOT WIN IT WHEN I WAS THERE--WE DIDN'T HAVE THE GRADE POINT. (what can I say? we were more about hair and having a date to the Hog games)
I had not been to the house in over 10 years. I don't do the alumnae club. I really enjoyed the four years I had with my friends but that was then and this is now.
Until...I saw three women that I hadn't seen in 25 years! And they have daughters living there now. I had a blast!! We walked through the house and looked at our old rooms. We found our pictures on the old composites. Talk about a shocker...Eighties hair was not pretty friends...and don't try to convince me otherwise.
All in all it was a beautiful day. The cool, crisp air brought back so many memories of fun days going to ballgames. When our biggest worry was making it to class...lying on the roof of the laundry room to catch some rays...and finding that perfect date.
I am soooooooo far from being the typical sorority girl today, but it was fun going back in time for a little while.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Van Gone

I said goodbye to a good friend Friday. My blue minivan. It has driven many boys over the last five years. Stinky, sweaty teenage boys with shoes big enough to ski on...Sonic cups littered the floor on most days. Beth Moore's teaching cds blew through the speakers.
Hubs and I calculated that I've been in the minivan business for almost 20 years. TWENTY. I'm not sure how that can happen since I'm only 29 years old. LOL

My tenderheartedness was short lived. Hubs went out and bought me the cutest CONVERTIBLE you've ever seen! I was shocked. I've never really been a car person. But that could all change :)
Anyway, I've driven all my girlfriends around town and on the interstate. The mountain air is cool and crisp right now and the leaves are just beginning to change. Hubs has a meeting two hours from here tomorrow and I think I might just tag along for the ride--since he's taking my ride!
The funniest thing is seeing my sons' expressions. Joe (16) took one look at it and said, "I'll never drive it will I?" I was rolling on the floor. Bill (19) went for a spin and just shook his head.
Our kids see us as MOMS. Period. They forget that we are 18 year olds trapped inside forty-something bodies. At least, I am.
Ooh, a friend just called and wants to ride. The laundry will have to wait.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Enough is Enough

Sometimes you gotta put your size 5 1/2 foot down and say, "Enough, already!" That's precisely what I am doing today. I have sat in the recliner, laid on the bed, and had enough pain pills to supply a small nation. Seriously...this has been the summer from south of the eternal border but it ends TODAY.

I made it to Sunday School yesterday. I knew I couldn't do church and SS so I chose to go where people would hug my neck and lie between their teeth saying how good I look. And am I glad I did. Our teacher (who is one of the ministers) taught on David and Goliath. By the end of the class I had decided that my five rocks would be as follows: a can of Pledge, Febreze, my 8# Oreck, Ozzie's dog hair brush, and some serious Tide. Nothing defeats Goliath like a good cleaning. IT WAS SO PATHETIC... I'd dust a while and sit a while. Febreze a chair or two and sit a while. Fold a load of towels and sit a while...

But, God gave me the strength to lift myself up and get on with life. It's like my precious grandmother used to say as she swatted mosquitoes from the rice farms in southern Arkansas.
"Do what you know to do, honey. And everything will be just fine."

Girls, sometimes you gotta do what you know to do. When your teens are being, well, teenagers. When you feel like the south end of a north bound mule. DO WHAT YOU KNOW TO DO.
I read part of Daniel yesterday afternoon. He did what he knew to do and am I glad he did :)


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