Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Phone Call that Every Parent Dreads

We are praising God at our house today. Joe and a friend were returning home from the movies around 10 pm on Tuesday night when they fishtailed and hit a guard rail. The car flipped and went 50 feet down to the river. Both boys managed to get out of the car and swim to shore.
I'm not going to write much because, quite frankly, my nerves are shot. But I posted these pics because I wanted you younger mothers to see how faithful God is to answer the prayers of parents who pray for their childrens' safety everytime they get behind the wheel.
When Hubs got the call at 10:30 I was already asleep. I specifically asked the Lord to bring him home safely around 9:30 when my head hit the pillow. Everytime my son gets in the car I pray.
When Hubs arrived at the scene, there was a fire truck, ambulance, police cars and a news crew.
Divers had to be brought in so they could hoist the car out of the water.
When he got home he told us that he remembered an episode of Mythbusters that we watched last year on opening doors/windows in submerged water. You have to open the door immediately or wait until the car is at the bottom and the pressure is equalized. Joe and his friend opened the doors immediately. If they had not been wearing their seatbelts well...I won't even go there. Thank God they were.
We serve a faithful God. Even when we can't see Him at work, He always is. And for you gals chasing toddlers and elementary kiddos right now, begin to pray for their safety when they hit the tumultuous teen years.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Playing Dress-Up

Hi there!
Once again, I have fallen behind in my posting. Being in the hospital for 14 days will do that for you. I had a colonoscopy last week and everything came out fine. (no pun intended...) It was good news to our ears around here. I had an ultrasound to see if my ovaries are back to normal. I haven't heard back, but no news is good news and I'm claiming V I C T O R Y. So, life is pretty much back to normal for the most part--which is good since school begins in one month from today. Which, by the way, is ridiculous. I still think school should start after Labor Day and let out before Memorial Day--but no one is asking me are they??

Hubs and I went to an engagement party for our best friends' youngest son. I actually bought a new dress for the occasion and I love it. I picked it up at Forever 21 for 27 bucks. Is that a steal or what? Although under closer inspection, I look kinda fat in this pic. It's puffing out in the front.

Oh well, it was nice to play dress up and not have iv tubing sticking out from under my shirt. Which, leads into the next photo. Bill, Ozzie and I are chillaxing in the swing. This is my favorite spot in the world. If you look at my left shoulder you can see my iv tubes hanging out--hence the oversize shirt, no make-up, and dirty hair. (HINT: I was not playing dress-up that day...)

For the life of me, I can't figure out how to put pictures in the middle of my blog--bear with me.
I took some pics of my flowers. With all the rain this year my yard is in foliage heaven. Lots of blooms and lots of weeds.

I hope you have a wonderful Sabbath tomorrow. I get to go to church tomorrow! I have been gone so long, they may attack me at the door and make me sign a visitor's card...


Tuesday, July 1, 2008

The Road to Recovery

Well, I've spent the month on the couch, on the bed, or in the recliner. But I finished my antibiotics yesterday and feel that I am on the road to recovery. PTL!

I wish I had some pictures to share, but that would require use of a camera and I don't know where ours is at the moment.

So...I would like to take this blog time to say to thank you to my blogging buddies who have prayed for me. I felt it. My family felt it. My body felt it.

I am headed out to door to walk Ozzie and then take a dip in the pool. I've stayed out of the sun because of medications, but NO MORE BABY! My vitamin D level is in for a little fellowship with the SUN. Hot dog...

I hope you have a wonderful day, my three friends :)


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