Saturday, June 30, 2007

Three Men and a Mom

Hello there! Welcome to my blog: Three Men and a Mom. You're probably wondering why I would choose that title for my blog. It's quite simple. I live in a house with

  • Kenneth (my main man of 24+ years)
  • Bill (my 18 year old son who is leaving for college in eight weeks)
  • Joe (my 15 year old son who makes me laugh)
  • Ozzie (our new golden retriever mix)
  • Gracie (our guinea pig who is also a male)
  • Me...

There are so many blessings to being the only female in a housefull of men. Believe me, I've given this great thought through the years. Below are just a few:

  • You are the only one who wears pink
  • No one EVER wants to borrow your clothes
  • No one notices if you're having a bad hair day
  • No one uses your make-up and hair accessories
  • Males are easy to feed--they don't watch their weight
  • Boys LOVE their mamas
  • Did I mention that I am the only one who wears PINK?

Seriously, my friends who have daughters love to hear my horror stories about life with boys. The bathroom humor, the practical jokes, and how men think.

I wouldn't trade my life with these three precious guys for anything on the earth. God has blessed me abundantly and I thank Him for them daily! My hope is that you young moms out there will be encouraged. (especially when your sons are making toy guns out of their peanut butter and jelly sandwiches) more on that one later!

Seriously, it goes by fast. Enjoy them now. I am looking at eight weeks. My firstborn will fly the coop...



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