Wednesday, August 27, 2008



If' you read my previous posts, you know that I've had a tumultuous summer! Two stays in the hospital, a teenager's car wreck, and no trip to the Siesta Fiesta in San Antonio. Here's why:

When we returned from Gulf Shores, I had the same abdominal pain that had plagued the earlier days of my summer vacation. Back to the hospital and more iv antibiotics. A third cat scan showed that my colon needed cutting. So, two weeks ago, a surgeon removed the lower twelve inches of my colon (colons come in 36" sections) and an ovary that he described as a hunk of cement the size of a tennis ball. No wonder I was in so much pain!!! The surgery went well. I hold the family record for most surgeries. Seriously...the scalpel has visited my tummy FOUR times now south of the navel. And let me just say that I FEEL THE PAIN. Two premature babies, one partial hysterectomy and now this. (Ain't if fun being female...)

But in spite of all this, God has been so good to us. I know He gave us the vacation together as a gift. There was no reason why my body should have been pain free for that period of time. And while I am still sad over San Antonio, I know there was a reason. Perhaps I'll meet the Patty and Kim another time. They were my first blog buddies. And of course I really wanted to meet Beth! She is an Arkansas girl after all...Perhaps everyone will catch some SEC football fever and come to Fayetteville. (hint, hint Miss Tennessee Patty)The first game is Saturday but I will be listening to it from the sofa :)

Hubs and I went to the doctor today and he gave me the thumbs up. Six more weeks of just hanging out, though. Small walks down the street. The occasional outing to Starbucks.

I'll let you know. Until then, my two friends, Blessings!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What fun we had last week! Our family vacation was a success in every sense of the word. Joe and I parasailed and had a BALL! I always wanted to do it but never felt comfortable enough in Mexico to do it. So, this year I took the plunge and Joe was brave enough to go with me! They put me in the back because I weigh more. The nerve...I do not...absolutely do not weigh more than Joe. But, hey, I didn't care. The view was spectacular and so peaceful. I know how a bird must feel as he glides around in the air. Maybe when I get to heaven, I can glide around :) too.
Must go. There's a lot of catching up to do here. I'll post more pics later.

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