Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Itsy Bitsy Arachnid


It's 11:52 and I've usually been asleep for at least two and half hours by now. But...a lousy pair of spiders are keeping me from my much needed beauty sleep. Today at lunch, Hubs came home to check on a pump in the yard. It keeps water from running into the front door when it rains for forty days and nights--much like it has here.
So...Hubs lifts the lid so he can stick his hand TWELVE OR SO INCHES into the abyss of pumpdom when he says, "Wow, look how black that spider is. I've never seen one like that." Then I say, "IT'S A BLACK WIDOW! GET YOUR HAND OUT OF THERE!" Then Hubs says, "I don't think so. It doesn't have the red mark." Then I scream, "IT'S ON HER BELLY GET YOUR HAND OUT OF THERE!" Still not believing his wife, Hubs pokes it with a stick and guess what? IT'S A BLACK WIDOW AND HER TWIN SISTER IS ABOUT 4 INCHES FROM HER.

I haven't moved that fast in YEARS, my two friends. YEARS...

Let me just say that half a can of RAID was used on those two arachnid mamas from Hades. And let me also say that one of them was so stinking big, the Hubby Foot of Death had to squish her back into the earth from which she came.

And all of this on EARTH DAY.


p.s. Always look before you put your hand in a dark, damp, hole. Those black widows are busy eating their Hubs for lunch :)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Cornell--Ever Heard of It?

Yes...........it's back! The OFFICE.

Okay, we took bets at our house. Will Andy say, "Cornell--ever heard of it?"

How about Dwight's date, huh? Not exactly Miss America.

Or what about a hostess who announces that supper will be ready in three hours? Yikes!

And what about Jim? I thought he might blow beets (sorry Dwight) when he took a whiff of Jan's candles.

But my favorite part of tonight was when Jan tried to get Jim to dance with her to that pathetic music.

Yes...............it's back! The OFFICE

So, girls, what was your favorite part of tonight's episode?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


Okay, I HAVE to complain. I don't do it very often. But I am SO SICK OF RAIN I COULD THROW UP. There...I said it. Well, wrote it anyway. Seriously, flooding is now a major concern for so many people here. They opened the flood gates at the dam. Hubs and I actually saw it one time many moons ago--it is powerful.

So, enough about rain. I am one excited chickadee. My BFF and I are going to take the ENTIRE day and shop. Yes, I am going to ignore laundry, toilets and other household duties which require my attention and ENJOY a day of browsing the quilt stores. When I've spent my wad on fabric, I'm moving on to clothes. I've lost some weight and require some new duds.

Since I haven't really been out of the house all week because of the rain, I AM GOING FOR IT...

Perhaps I'll have pics tomorrow.

Enjoy the sunshine where you are :)


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