Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Check it out: THREE MEN AND A MOM plus one dog!

Here is our Easter picture complete with dog in lap. Every Easter (when we remember) we dust off the tripod and pose as soon as we get home from church. It's the only time we're all (halfway) dressed up. The family Easter pics are usually hilarious simply because we can't take it too seriously. There is just something unnatural about Hubs setting the timer and running for the chair. We all crack up!

And this year, we had Ozzie to contend with. The other pictures included his "plume tail" in the foreground. Hubs finally gave in and put him in his lap. You can't believe how many lint roller squares it took to remove the dog hair from his navy jacket and gray pants.

All in all, it was a wonderful Easter. A great day to end the week of Spring Break with my THREE MEN.

Blessings for a wonderful week,
p.s. For the life of me, I can't rid of this last picture! Help!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Well, I have completed a life goal...I finished the book that I have been writing off and on for 5, count them, 5 long years! And let me just say that it is only by God's grace that I was able to do it.

Being a stay at home mom for the last 20 years (am I that old?) has been such a joy. I cherish each and every memory--joyous and painful alike. After all, that is how God sharpens us, is it not? Never in all those years did I think I could actually write a novel--start to finish. I have a terrible habit of starting things and not sticking with them. Honestly, I never dreamed that I would still be blogging...

But, I did it. God used writing to help me through the death of my precious mother. She was diagnosed with brain cancer in May of 2002 and after two surgeries and a lot of recuperating with my family, she went home to Jesus in September of that same year. I thought it would be fun, for my sons, to be able to read about some of my family's wacky stories so I penned them.

One thing led to another and lo and behold I have 82,000 words that comprise a novel.

Wait 'til You Hear What I Heard is the title. It's Christian fiction (humor) and takes place in a small east Texas town, a small Baptist church, and a flower shop. (Betty's Bloomers) It is told from the perspective of an eleven year old girl who is coming of age in the seventies. Lots of DIPPITY DO, AQUA NET HAIRSPRAY, AND COCA COLA :)

Now, all I have to do is find a publisher! Honestly...if the Lord wants it published He'll publish it. He's opened some writing doors already.

I hope you Siestas have a wonderful Easter holiday praising our risen Saviour!


Saturday, March 8, 2008

Complete (well almost) Meltdown

I'm standing in the make-up aisle of Wal-Mart searching for a tube of mascara. My eyelashes are NAKED because my mascara is doubling as dust at the moment. I'm feeling a bit sassy because I clipped a 3.00 coupon out of Sunday's paper for my brand. I'd do the math here, but math and I do not get along.

I'm looking at every line of make-up known to mankind but for the life of me I can't find my mascara. Then--fear sets in. What if they quit making it? I can't switch now! I've been using the same brand since the 8th grade!

A sales associate in a bright blue May I Help You? vest says, "Can I help you find something?"
She's all of 17 and doesn't even NEED mascara--the nerve. I'm clutching my coupon for dear life and say, "I can't find my mascara. I've been wearing the same one since the 8th grade and I'm afraid they've stopped making it." Then she says, "Which one are you looking for, ma'am?" I show her the coupon and say, "It's hot pink with a green top. You can't miss it--it's been around since 1972." She takes the coupon and says "Ma'am this is a Cover Girl coupon. You're looking for Maybelline." After I scrape my mouth and dignity off the floor, I thank her and shuffle to the end of the aisle like Tim Conway.

If that wasn't enough, they were out of VERY BLACK.

The nerve...


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What's Wrong with This Picture?

What's wrong with this picture?

The furry friend on the right ATE the pool cover.

Not really...not the whole cover...just the straps

that hold it in place over winter. Hubs and sons spent last winter retying straps each time Ozzie went out for a bathroom break and a chew. (pun intended)

What can I say? We caved in and left it off. Could you be mad at THAT FACE?

I didn't think so.


Jan & Oz

Saturday, March 1, 2008

To Kill a Mockingbird

Good morning ladies,

I only have a sec, but wanted to write about my week. Occasionally our high school needs substitute teachers. While I do not have a teaching certificate, I have a lot of experience in the world of teenagers! Teenage hormones, teenage love triangles, teenagers behind the wheel etc. So, I like to help out when I can because, frankly, I love teenagers.

Our girls' basketball team advanced to the final round of playoffs. The tournament was four hours away--which may not seem very far. BUT you have to drive across the top of our state on two lane roads in a yellow dog. (school bus for those born in the 80's) of the high school English teachers was gone the entire week, HENCE me.

English, art and Latin were my favorite subjects in high school. (if I am honest, boys were really my favorite subject but what can I say? I, too, was a teenager). When I read that my week's responsibility was limited to showing To Kill a Mockingbird and Pride and Prejudice I did a little dance right there at my desk.

At a Baptist school--yes, a little dance.

I didn't take into account that I would be watching Mr. Atticus Finch FOUR TIMES a day for four sections of freshmen English and Mr. Darcy TWO TIMES a day for junior English. And don't forget that I had to TURN OUT THE LIGHTS to show the movies.

On day two, I wised up and brought my Itty Bitty Light and several books. I did some heavy duty reading and snacking in the back of the dark classroom. Let me just say that I can quote Atticus Finch's summation to the jury.

Quite well...

I even had one sophomore tell me that I looked really CUTE on Friday. Which makes me wonder how LAME I looked on the other four days...


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