Saturday, June 27, 2009

Randomness on the Interstate

Driving home from work on Thursday I was thinking about all the things I see on the side of the interstate. I assume these are items that have blown out of trucks, cars etc. Who knows? Perhaps some people throw them out. Now that I type this I can see Hubs tossing a few of my MANY throw pillows out...but that's another post altogether.

Yes, this is a random post. is a list of things I've seen on the side of the road or in the median this last month.

  • blue chair cushion
  • plastic lawn chair
  • a child's blue ball (the kind you buy for $1 at Piggly Wiggly)
  • lots of shoes
  • to-go coffee mug (I was tempted to stop because it was a nice one)
  • potting soil sacks
  • several blue throw pillows (spaced about a mile apart)
  • a noodle
  • a life jacket (pdf for you lake folks)
  • lots of roadkill--many opossums, skunks, raccoons, and 5 deer. (I almost lost it with the deer because you tell they were probably a family)
  • a portable potty chair (this one had me blowing cafe-au-lait threw my nose)

The throw pillows made me laugh because I just envision a couple cooped up together for a long trip and the wife with her precious throwpillows on the seat cushion between her and Hubs. Perhaps he threatened to throw one out the window as a joke and accidentally did it. However, that being the case. they probably would have gone back for it. Hmmmm....a fight perhaps? We'll never know.

I really do live in a beautiful part of the state. But the interstate is busy as it is a corridor between Arkansas and Missouri but more importantly it's the main road to WalMart. (not the Supercenter, but the Corporate Headquarters)

That's it for today. Just some randomness on this Saturday morning. Hope you have a good weekend. Until tomorrow my 5 faithful bloggers.


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