Wednesday, June 24, 2009

One of those Days

Okay, I have to tell this on myself. I bought the cutest dress in Little Rock last week. My co-worker whom I shall not call by her real name but by her code name (Thelma) and I (Louise) hit Burlington Coat Factory. Let me just make it clear here: I LOVE A DEAL..So we are walking around looking at the THOUSANDS of name brand clothes for less and before long I had a shopping cart full of bargains. So did Thelma (code), by the way.
So we decide to share one of the huge dressing rooms so we won't have to keep yelling across the shower curtain they so handsomely installed over the dressing room door. Thelma (code) tries on this darling sundress--you know--the long one? like the ones we wore in junior high school? Well it looked great on her! And the price was, well, priceless. I talked her into buying it for a wedding she's going to in Colorado.
I had seen a cute capri/top outfit. Red linen pants (to die for) and a white top with cutouts across the edge. It looked like what you might wear while sipping sweet tea at a party is someone's backyard. Bless my heart...

So I start to try on the top and Thelma (code) says, "you should try on the pants first because if they don't fit there no use in putting on the top." Which is exactly correct. Now I am not about to reveal my clothing size on my blog so let's just say it's somewhere between 6 and 18. So, there I am standing in my brassiere (sorry Mother--southern gals don't talk about their underthings--much less write about them) and I begin sliding these adorable, red linen pants up my derriere.
Lo and behold, someone has put a pair of pants the size of --well, let's say between a 3-6 on the hanger. I pull them up and they are so stinking tight. Trust me--it's a mental picture you don't want to even think about.

I looked in the mirror and Thelma (code) looked at me and we started laughing and I PROMISE YOU we nearly wet our pants. I had to cross my legs and stop looking in the mirror. It was one of the funniest things I have ever experienced. Needless to say, the pants didn't fit but I did find an adorable sundress.
I just realized that I have rambled on about a situation that probably won't be funny to anyone else except Thelma and Louise. But, it IS my blog so I guess I can do that. Anyway....back to the cute sundress.

Thelma (code) and I (Louise) had dinner last night at Olive Garden and one of the Arkansas Razorback basketball players was seated next to us. I asked if I could take my picture with him and he was so nice. I knew my sons would get a kick out of it. Anyway, this picture is more to show the cute sundress than the cute basketball player.

I'm 5'7"' by the way...

More later,

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